First Books Bundle - Full Collection

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Our First Books Full Collection contains our best-sellers First Numbers Book, First Colors book, First Animals Book, First ABC Book, and First Shapes Book! Your little one can choose between learning the number 1 through 12, looking at all the colors on the rainbow, learning about different and adorable animals, learning all the letters in the alphabet, and learning about shapes of things!
When a baby is born, they will only eat and sleep. However, as each day goes by, your child will start to develop into an individual. They will also start to display their own personality. As a parent, you only want what's best for your child. This includes helping your child master their cognitive skills. A child will begin their formal education only from the time they start preschool. Research though has proved that children begin honing their learning skills right from the time they are merely infants. Thus, even though your infant cannot understand the meaning of numbers, they are still able to learn about them. This will help them later on, when they actually begin their education.

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