VocabuLarry Bouncing Ball
VocabuLarry Bouncing Ball

VocabuLarry Bouncing Ball

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Get ready for giggles with this VocabuLarry Bouncing Ball from babyfirst™. Featuring a world of motion and sound, this motorized stuffed Larry ball rolls and bounces on its own and plays the opening song from the TV show Vocabularry. Parents will love the important moving, crawling, and gross motor skill development that happens as children interact with this playful jumping ball.

  • 4.5” H x 4.5" L x 6" W
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries, batteries included

VocabuLarry (AKA Larry) is a cute and curious parrot with an appetite for learning new words. You can see him on babyfirst™ TV shows including Vocabularry, Larry’s Surprise Eggs, and Harry and Larry.

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